Sewerage Recyclers Germany

  • Sewer cleaning with water recycling
  • Combined operation of suction and high pressure mode
  • Automatically operated water recycling system
  • Tank capacity of up to 18,000 litre total air capacity
  • Vacuum pump capacity up to 3,000m3/h at 60% vacuum
  • High pressure pump up to 500l/min at 170 bar with pneumatic pressure relief valve

High Pressure Jetting Unit - Rojet Germany

  • Unit is built on a suitable chassis
  • CCTV and jetting unit can be incorporated
  • Sufficiently dimensioned pump and drive engine
  • Construction and mounting is possible in any suitable new or used vehicle
  • Low maintenance costs through own drive unit
  • Speed limitation, so no over-revving of the HP pump
  • Built-in pressure switch valve, thus allowing work with wash lance/spray gun