Rear Loaders Germany

  • Uses the most innovative technology in refuse compaction, while attaining high compaction ratio.
  • The Power Press is designed to cope with the most challenging operating conditions.
  • Capacities ranging from 18cbm to 30cbm
  • Power Press uses Zoeller Lifters

Side Loaders Germany

  • Rapid one-man operation
  • Innovative automated technology for cost-effective household waste collection.
  • SIDEPRESS is the ideal solution for suburban and rural areas.
  • The one-man operation, direct from the cab, will quickly reap financial benefits, with higher vehicle productivity.
  • Household waste of all types can be collected in containers ranging from 60L to optionally 1100L

Front Loaders Germany

  • The FRONTPRESS, a one-person-operated vehicle.
  • Joystick controlled, the driver controls the approach and emptying procedures with great ease from the cab.
  • Available capacities: 28m3& 33m3