The Caprari group is a leading manufacturer on an international level in the production of centrifugal pimps and electric pumps and in the creation of advanced solutions for management of the integrated water cycle.

Founded in 1945 by Amadio Caprari, the company has continually expanded and diversified its business, to respond with innovative products and service to the specific and changing needs of the world of water with a view to an increasingly closer and more specialized partnership with its valued customers. Thanks to its exclusive and diversified know-how, the finest and most efficient solutions for the main water requirements are now supplied: deep well pumping, waste and drainage water lifting, residential, industrial and agricultural water supply and distribution and water treatment in general.

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Hydropompe Srl knows it: for this reason, for almost forty years, it is engaged in the conception, design and implementation of tools for water drainage, especially submersible pumps, to both domestic and industrial use. Our pumps offer the best in water management.

Born in the 70s in Ponte nelle Alpi, in the heart of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, Hydropompe produces and sells worldwide a wide range of solutions for pumping of aquifers flows: submersible pumps and drainage water pumps.

Our pumps respond individually to every kind of need, ensuring the highest quality and an excellent customer service.

Specialized in electric submersible pumps

Hydropompe Srl was founded over forty years ago, directing its activities towards the field of metal and working with machine tools. Within the company the expertise in the field of mechanical engineering becomes soon more refined and specialized towards the design and construction of pumps and submersible pumps for heavy-duty applications such as pumping and sludge treatment coring and excavation in depth. A specialization that was immediately welcomed by the market of electric submersible pumps and that continues to distinguish our work. The constant search for the design and construction of electric pumps suitable to work in the toughest conditions allowed us to gain skills in designing and manufacturing submersible pumps for drainage and for the treatment of white and black waters, both for civil and industrial use.

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The company was founded in 1942 when Cipriano Caffini started a first activity connected with the sale of agricultural machinery.

But it was in 1968 that the company started its progression towards the manufacture of diaphragm pumps.

Right from the first years the company won a large slice of the foreign market, to the extent that 80% of product distribution took place outside of Italy.

From France to Holland, from the United States to South Africa, the quality and efficacy of our products were affirmed and consolidated until Caffini Pumps became the world’s main manufacturer of low-pressure self-priming diaphragm pumps. The range of models is in continual expansion.
The company’s growth means it can deal with various requirements in the building and industrial fields.
1995 was the year we first manufactured our Trash self-priming centrifugal pumps: simple maintenance, easy cleaning and excellent results in various application fields distinguish the Trashlib pumps.
Today, quality and flexibility continue to be our company’s greatest assets.

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Aversa is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of pumps. Aversa provides both standard and custom made pumps, the quality of which has been frequently recognized at national and international fairs.

Their variety of products are used in the industrial, agriculture and energy fields. The company’s competence & expertise lies in the manufacturer of double suction pumps and process pumps.

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The company began life in 1932 as an individual enterprise, and pump production commenced in 1948. Today the name Varisco is known around the world for high quality pump design and construction.

The success obtained in a highly competitive market is the result of their teamwork, creating synergy between in-house and outsourced resources, innovation, which allows to anticipate the requirements of a constantly evolving market, ability to provide services, assisting clients in the choice and during the installation of pumps made to solve their specific problems.

Varisco can rely on a team made up of experienced business people who support new enthusiastic and professional employees.

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Drakos Polemis

Over the last 55 years DRAKOS POLEMIS is identified with the production and the supply of high quality pumps that cover a wide range of applications. Today DP pumps has a prominent position in industry, shipping, building construction, agriculture and large scale construction projects.

DP products are promoted by means of well-organized sales network and are fully supported by engineering and service departments.

DP export activities are covering almost 50% of the production range, possessing therefore a dominant position in the Far East markets and have a significant presence in Europe, Balkan countries and the Middle East.

DP applies a completely productive process, featuring a modern production plant and a foundry which are certified to ISO 9001/2008.

Growth and progress are continual procedure for this company aiming to be your reliable business partner.

With continuous investments, strategic alliances, innovative technologies and pioneering products, DP offers to customers worldwide competitive advantage, for materialization of their business objectives.

The vertical integrated organization structure of DP includes a modern foundry, which have various materials such as cast iron, bronze and stainless steel. DRAKOS POLEMIS vision is to provide solutions to the specific customers requirements based on our global engineering know how.

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Mouli Technologies is a private limited company established in one of the fastest growing industrial cities of South India – Coimbatore. Mouli Technologies primarily focuses on production and marketing of submersible motors to enable movement and improvement of water. Mouli technologies has three decades of serving customers around the world in residential, commercial, agricultural and other industrial applications.

Bore Hole Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

Deep Well Electric Submersible Pumps in SS Construction

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Annovi Reverbari

Annovi Reverberi is the world’s leading manufacturer of diaphragm pumps. Its dozens of models are primarily designed to meet the requirements of a market highly diverse in terms of scale of operators, technological development and environmental context.

A full range of piston pumps for any industrial application. Different by flow rate, power and technical features, Annovi Reverberi piston pumps meet the demands of a complex, extremely demanding and fast changing market.

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